My favourite photography locations

I often look back at my previous work. I do it for various reasons: to see how my style has evolved, to seek inspiration or remind myself of good photography locations.

There are a few that will always be my favourite, mainly due to their diversity, and I come back to those often.

Elvaston Castle was one of those locations. I had never been to it before this particular shoot below, but I really loved it and I’m glad that my client suggested it! Maybe it has something to do with how much I love this lifestyle session with this little cutie.

untitled--29untitled-1883 copyuntitled-1970 copy

Located just outside of Derby, it makes for a lovely trip out even for those based in Nottingham.

Another favourite, and I think you’ll agree with me on this one, is Wollaton Hall. It’s a stunning location no matter the season. In autumn, the trees turn red and the fallen leaves make for a fun playground.


In the spring and summer, the beautiful gardens to the back of the house make for a lovely backdrop.


Clumber Park, as well as Rufford Abbey, are both great locations, particularly in spring, when the beautiful bluebells make an appearance.


There are also many other great locations to pick from within Nottingham, such as the Arboretum, local parks like Woodthorpe Park, Gedling Country Park, to name a few.

Blidworth Woods are another favourite of mine. We visit it regularly as a family and it’s a lovely place for adventuring, whether it’s for a kids, family, or couples photoshoot.


If you have any favourite spots, please share them with me! I love discovering new places!

Look out for a new blog post on urban locations. I will be posting some location suggestions for Nottingham City centre soon!

Anna x


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