5 free photography resources you should know about

As a self-taught photographer, I’m always on the lookout for new photography resources, and particularly free ones. The internet is full of content, you just need to know where to look!

If you’re a budding photographer, or are looking to get into portrait photography, some of these resources may come in handy. Along with photography books, the internet holds enough information to get you started. Once you know the basics, you can then search for any particular areas of interest. Always remember though, practice makes perfect! Don’t forget that vital bit of learning – actually getting out there and practising your craft!


Here’s  a list of 5 free resources that are worth checking out:

  1. If you are only going to look at one of these, make it this one! Creative Live On Air show some of their classes live, which means you can watch things for free. I have watched many of their classes, and had access to material I otherwise wouldn’t have. I really recommend this channel for any creatives out there – it doesn’t just cover photography, but music, writing, how to run your creative business and many more. They always give a discount if you buy the class there and then, too! Go check it out now!
  2. Ben Sasso – a well known photographer, offers a free Lighting class, as well as endless advice and help on his Facebook page. Ask him anything in the comments, and I bet he’ll get back to you! As well as providing learning resources, he’s also just a massive inspiration to many photographers out there.
  3. I have come across Nadia Meli fairly recently, but she has also been a massive inspiration. She has a tonne of videos on her Youtube channel covering various aspects of portrait and wedding photography. She’s the most likeable person out there and her videos are really easy to watch. She explains things so well and often does behind the scenes posts, showing what the life of an international wedding photographer is like!
  4. Another photographer I came across on Youtube is Jessica Kobeissi. She’s been posting videos for a long time now and you can watch behind the scenes as well as editing tutorials on her channel. Whether you like her style of work or not, it’s always interesting to see other photographers working.
  5. Last but certainly not least, is the Digital Photography School. This place is FULL of material, and it’s one of the places I started my adventures with photography. They cover all sorts of topics, and have really great content particularly for beginners. If you’re looking to learn the basics, this is the place to start!

These are a few of the places I go to when looking for inspiration. There are many, many more out there, depending on what you want to learn, good old google will help you along the way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. For more photography tips, subscribe to my newsletter here!


Anna x


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