Fairytale workshop with Rosie Hardy and Alex Cameron

I’ve been following Rosie Hardy and Alexandra Cameron on Flickr for a good few years now, always impressed with the quality of their work. When Rosie announced that she’d be running a fairytale workshop with Alex, I just knew I’d have to go for it. Needless to say, I don’t regret it! In fact, it was one of those decisions that was pivotal to my development as a photographer.

The workshop took place just outside of the beautiful town of Buxton, a place that’s still on my list to visit again. The night before, I was nervous and insanely excited at the same time. Prior to the workshop, I had a few months out and didn’t really do anything photography related. I got married in June 2015, and in the months leading up to the wedding, I was busy working full time, planning the wedding and looking after my son. It meant that I had lost a bit of confidence and wasn’t sure whether it was too early to go on a workshop like this one. Oh my, was I wrong!

The workshop began with some introductions, and Rosie and Alex explaining what we were going to do for the day. Once the models changed into the dresses provided my Rosie, we drove to the location in the middle of the Peak District. The location was stunning, but for the first set of photos, we used a small woodland area – it just makes you realise that you don’t need an amazing location with stunning views to get great shots!


With that being said, the beautiful dresses and props did help!

We then moved onto the second location, a few minutes walk away from the car park. When we were almost there, I realised that I had left my camera in the car… I felt so silly! After a quick jog down a slippery path, I made it back in time to take these photos below.


Using smoke bombs was a first for me! These shots are examples of photos I simply wasn’t able to create on my own at the time. I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start! Attending the workshop made me realise that, with a bit of planning, it’s achievable. I have since organised a few of my own conceptual shoots and it’s given me the confidence to pursue different kinds of photography. This was also the first time I had shot with models, and again,  it helped watching Rosie and Alex, seeing how they work and direct the models to get the shots they had in mind. I also made a local photographer friend (BONUS!) and we organised a couple of shoots of our own too.

Not only was the workshop an enjoyable experience in general, it propelled me to try my own stuff and not be afraid to ask. I have since established a relationship with a local modelling agency and have done a few test shoots with their new faces. I never would have contacted the agency had it not been for this workshop!

Don’t be afraid to ask  – the worst that can happen is a ‘No’. You never know until you try it! So go out there and chase your dreams!


Anna x

Models: Lauren Hallworth and Logan Gray

Floral headpiece made by the incredibly talented Waterbaby Flowers 


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