Home maternity photoshoot

Those last few weeks before your baby arrives are both tough and wonderful at the same time. Tough, because as your body grows, you start to struggle physically with the odd daily task, but wonderful, because the excitement begins to rise and you are not too far away from meeting your bundle of joy.

This couple contacted me a few weeks before the baby’s arrival, and we had a wonderful maternity photoshoot in their own home. Maternity photography can work well both outdoors and indoors, but in the winter months it’s easier to enjoy capturing those special moments in the privacy of your own home.

It was so obvious that this couple was very excited about their new arrival, and they couldn’t wait to meet their son. I hope you enjoy looking through their session.

I would also like to congratulate them on the safe arrival of their baby boy, wishing them all the health and happiness!

Anna x

P.S. The baby boy has now been born! I would like to congratulate you both on his safe arrival, wishing you all the health and happiness! I look forward to meeting the little man!


Preparing for a photoshoot

Before I became a photographer, I had no idea where to start when preparing for a photoshoot. Don’t worry though, I’m here to help! Having done many photoshoots, I now have the experience and knowledge to help you consider a few things beforehand.

Each photoshoot is a little different, but they all have the following in common:


Picking a location that you love is an important step, because ultimately, it will set a tone for the whole photoshoot. Take a look at some of my favourite locations here.

Newborn sessions work well in the comfort of your own home, providing there’s plenty of natural light, as this will affect the quality of the photos. It provides enough variety – you can use the baby’s cot, capture their room decor, before having some relaxed, lifestyle photos of the parents with their new arrival in, say, the living room or the parent’s bedroom.

In the spring or summer months, this can absolutely be done at an outdoor location. Just make sure that your tiny human is comfortable and warm enough. You can always wrap your little bundle of joy in a blanket if it gets a little chilly.

If there is a particular park or open space that you love, or perhaps a place where you spend a lot of time as a family, make sure to suggest it to me! You are likely to know cool little spots and will all feel more relaxed in a familiar place.

Love certain woods, or perhaps like to climb a hill with stunning views, but not sure if it will be a good photoshoot location? Let me know! If you need help, we can decide together!

Urban locations can also be great for small families or couples. The diversity of city streets will provide enough awesome backdrops.

Although the location is an important aspect, don’t forget that it’s you that matters most. You will be taking centre stage, but don’t let that scare you off. My sessions are very relaxed. Life’s too short to be serious all the time!

Time of day

This is an important consideration, because the time of day will influence the type of light available. This, in turn, will affect the photos. It’s always best to avoid the harshest midday sun, particularly in the summer, but if we can find shade, we can make it work.

Early morning or late afternoon/evening are best for outdoor sessions, because the sun is relatively low in the sky, which creates beautiful light to photograph in. It also means that it’s the most flattering light, with no harsh shadows. The evening sun provides that golden glow that can make photos truly breathtaking. Throw in a beautiful view, and you’re done!print-untitled-5790

With all that said, we live in England and it’s not always guaranteed that the sun will make an appearance. If you’re scheduled to have a session, and it’s forecast to rain, we have two options. If it’s forecast to rain heavily, we can reschedule. If it’s only a little drizzle, we can still go ahead. You can even bring an umbrella for some fun shots!


What to wear

Don’t worry, there’s no dress code! I always tell my clients to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, as I want you to feel relaxed during the shoot. Wear your favourite clothes that you feel good in! It’s your photoshoot – it can be as relaxed as you want it to be. If you fancy wearing wellies for a muddy session – go for it! If you want to wear that dress you’ve been wanting to wear for ages, do it! Floaty dresses always look great!

If you’re still stuck for ideas, take a look at this Pinterest board I’ve created especially for you!

Things to bring

I generally don’t ask my clients to bring anything, but do bring some favourite blankets! They can be used to sit on, lie down on or just to wrap around you for some hug filled photos!

Couple hugging, wrapped in a blanket

If you have any particular things you’d like to include in the photos, bring them! I will always do my best to include those special bits in the photos, so if it’s a scan to announce the arrival of your baby, maybe some coloured balloons to do a gender announcement, or anything else at all, bring it along with you!

Most importantly…

Don’t forget to enjoy the session! The list above is just a guide to ensure you make the most of your photoshoot, but don’t worry about all the little things. Relax and let your personality and love take the spotlight.

Anna x

My favourite photography locations

I often look back at my previous work. I do it for various reasons: to see how my style has evolved, to seek inspiration or remind myself of good photography locations.

There are a few that will always be my favourite, mainly due to their diversity, and I come back to those often.

Elvaston Castle was one of those locations. I had never been to it before this particular shoot below, but I really loved it and I’m glad that my client suggested it! Maybe it has something to do with how much I love this lifestyle session with this little cutie.

untitled--29untitled-1883 copyuntitled-1970 copy

Located just outside of Derby, it makes for a lovely trip out even for those based in Nottingham.

Another favourite, and I think you’ll agree with me on this one, is Wollaton Hall. It’s a stunning location no matter the season. In autumn, the trees turn red and the fallen leaves make for a fun playground.


In the spring and summer, the beautiful gardens to the back of the house make for a lovely backdrop.


Clumber Park, as well as Rufford Abbey, are both great locations, particularly in spring, when the beautiful bluebells make an appearance.


There are also many other great locations to pick from within Nottingham, such as the Arboretum, local parks like Woodthorpe Park, Gedling Country Park, to name a few.

Blidworth Woods are another favourite of mine. We visit it regularly as a family and it’s a lovely place for adventuring, whether it’s for a kids, family, or couples photoshoot.


If you have any favourite spots, please share them with me! I love discovering new places!

Look out for a new blog post on urban locations. I will be posting some location suggestions for Nottingham City centre soon!

Anna x